Q. I need a "Licensed Bartender" Can you HELP?

A. Actually there is no such thing as a "Licensed Bartender". Bartenders can be certified or Insured and ours are both.


Q. Do you provide ice?

A. We can provide ice upon request, there will be a $25 charge plus the expense of the ice.


Q. Do you need a Liquor License to Cater Alcohol?

A. YES!! If you do not have a special event permit or License you nor we can accept money for liquor.


Q. Do Caterers have Liquor Licenses?

A. No There is no Liquor licenses for Caterers in Colorado.   Our caterers are all highly skilled and qualified. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


Q. Can I request someone for my party?

A. We will always try to arrange the individual you request, however due to our bartenders and servers being in great demand, it will be upon a first come first serve basis on requests. We will truly try to match you to another server or bartender we believe well suited.


Q. What are your fees?

A. We have a 4-hour minimum. Time can be extended to the 1/2 or full hour. All Servers and Bartenders dedicate their night to your event and you can choose to keep them longer to help you finish what you would like. Please call us for rates.


Q. What do the servers do and what do they bring?

A. Servers greet guests, check coats, set-up chairs/tables, prep food, set-up buffet, restock, clean-up throughout the event, refill beverages, remove trash, dishes, tear down. They bring an apron and proper uniform.


Q. What do the Bartenders do and what do they bring?

A. Bartenders will set-up the entire bar, glassware and ice beverages, serve throughout night, clean-up bar area, remove trash, dump ice, dry off any remaining bottles, pack up or store any remaining beverages and tear down bar if desired. Bartenders will come with the following equipment:  clear acrylic ice bins, large Ice tub, bar caddy with straws and napkins, ice scoop, shaker,  pitchers, cutting board, knife, wine opener, bottle opener.


Q. How far do you travel?

A. Any location more than 30 minutes from the metro area is $25 per person. For Locations beyond 45 minutes there is a per mile charge.


Q. Does Bartenders and more provide glassware?

A. We do provide glassware as an additional service, and can help you in deciding the amount needed and assist with the rentals. We will price match competitors on rentals.


Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Bartenders and More has been serving the Denver and Colorado Mountain areas area since 1985.


Q. How much is a good tip?

A. Tips are always to the discretion of the client. We typically will suggest 20% or more per person totaled from the hourly total at the conclusion of the event.


Q. What if I didn't like my Server or bartender?

A. We do our best to match the right server or bartender for your needs, if for any reason you did not think our staff was a good match we will insure that the next person will be to the quality you require for your event.


Q. How much liquor do I need?

A. We provide on our website a suggested liquor list to create your own if desired. If you would like more help please fill out the liquor list questionnaire and we will gladly put together a suggested amount for your event.


Q. Is there anything you won't do?

A. Yes! To list a few no valet parking, no driving guests or hosts anywhere, no climbing in dumpsters, no house cleaning, and no cooking unless you hire a chef. Please contact us if you have any special requests.


Q. What do Bartenders and Servers wear?

A. Uniforms are per the client's choice, we have 3 standards:

1) Long sleeve Black collared shirt with a long black tie, black slacks, and black shoes
2) White polo shirt, khaki pants or black pants

3) Specialty attire may be requested and will be at additional cost


Looking For More Answers?

We hope our FAQ section answered any question you had. In the event that you still have questions, please click or tap this button and contact one of our experienced party and event staffing coordinators. We thank you in advance for your time in visiting our website.